Geo Wyeth: „Muzică şi instalaţie”. Sâmbătă, 21.00, Dianei 4.




Sâmbătă 28 iulie 2012 | 21h00

Vă aşteptăm în spaţiul Dianei 4 din strada Dianei nr.4


Warm, whimsical, absurd and poignant” (New York Times)

„He once got kissed by Angelina” ( The New Yorker)

„He was invited and stayed for two months on Oprah’s couch” (Christie’s review of music)

“He used to be a woman” (Geo’s Magazine)





Event aici:


OUT OF BODY OW! TUF BODY – excerpt from Geo Wyeth on Vimeo.



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2 thoughts on “Geo Wyeth: „Muzică şi instalaţie”. Sâmbătă, 21.00, Dianei 4.

  • Destiny

    (24 octombrie 2016 - 0:33)

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inrdiceble!

  • http://www./

    (25 noiembrie 2016 - 8:43)

    As a kid I was too lazy to enter a He-man colouring competition and my sister ended up winning the top prize of a castle greyskull and getting a photo with Skeletor. I was fucking gutted haha

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